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In the previous video we saw that an action in Acrobat 11 professional can automate repetitive processes and it provides a reliable way to ensure that we perform a complex series of tasks in the proper order without any omissions in this video we're going to create our own custom action I'm working with the file birds of West Central Florida dot PDF which is located in the working files in the chapter 3 folder this is a presentation that was converted from a PowerPoint file and we may have a number of these that we create so it would be nice to automate some of the maintenance work that we have to do on every single file for this presentation we're going to set it up so that we can add some content to each presentation we process a header and a footer will also give the opportunity for the user to add multimedia files into the presentation as part of the action we'll add a consistent set of slide transitions and we'll set this document to run in full screen when it's launched since we have to do these same steps on every presentation we publish it makes sense to create an action to help us out with the tools panel open to the action wizard category we'll click on create new action at the top we'll make sure to set this to add files which uses the currently open file as a default but notice that we do have other options here not all of which use the current file we'll set this back to add files and move on now we're ready to add the steps to our action in order to do that we'll choose tasks from the left side of this list and click on the center button to move them into our action but before we start notice that we can double click here on the word untitled and change the name of this section we'll call it prepare content we'll click on save and see that the panel is updated with that text now we'll start in the pages category on the left and we'll select add header and footer and click this button to add it into the right-hand panel we could specify the settings here and now ourselves but instead we'll choose prompt user this will allow the user to customize the header and footer while the action is running the next thing we want to do is allow the user to add extra content in this particular case we'll consider adding a video clip into the presentation now there isn't an add video command available so we'll have to guide the user through now the way Acrobat is set up to work is that we would click the add instruction box right here can add text explaining to the user what to do next we click on save and then we would enable pause which would allow the

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