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Submit important papers on the go with the number one online document management solution. Use our web-based app to edit your PDFs without effort. We provide our customers with an array of up-to-date tools accessible from any Internet-connected device. Upload your PDF document to the editor. Browse for a file on your device or add it from an online location. Insert text, images, fillable fields, add or remove pages, sign your PDFs electronically, all without leaving your desk.


Do you know some Mac OS app which is similar to Adobe Illustrator but have project like unlimited number of PDF A4 pages to write on?
There's free open source software which is multi-platform, called NoteLab that allows you to take notes, and export as a PDF.  It doesn't have multiple page support, but you could simply export a PDF for each page. It runs in Java so it works on everything. When you need a new page, you hit the new icon, and it opens a second instance of the program, so you can have all the pages on screen at the same time, obviously after you have finished each page would then need to be saved as an individual PDF.  However I don't honestly think it's as  advanced as Bamboo Paper. What exactly is Bamboo Paper not able to do for  you?NoteLabWhether or not NoteLab supports a wacom tablet I shall leave you to discover. But  I'd be surprised if it didn't.  You could import all the PDF pages, into DTP software such as the free Scribus - also works on Mac/Windows/Linux, or Adobe InDesign, and from there export it as multi-page PDF.http://www.scribus.orgAs to Adobe Illustrator, sorry but it's total overkill for taking notes.
Is there an app to write edits into PDF with iPad Pro and Apple Pencil?
Look at PDF Pro by Readdle. It let’s you edit the text of PDFs, annotate, mark up, draw, highlight, etc. I swear by it. It’s one of the best you can get.
Where can I find someone to write small PDF books for my app?
You're on the biggest writing and reading app. So you tell me where you can find someone to write stories for your app.,-)You must have read a lot of answers here. So if you like someone's style of writing and you like the way they give answers then you should contact them directly.
How do I write Google App Script for a Gmail PDF document to sign in with the Google app?
Check out this code, kavithamadhavaraj/quote-me where you need to tweak retrieveMails() and retreiveAttachments() methods to your requirements.retreiveAttachments() : Instead of excel, look for PDF. If found, use the id parameter to retrieve the mail thread. Then, you can label it using addLabel(label-name) method of the retrieved GmailThread object.
What is an Android app for writing diary entries that should be able to export in PDF format and should be free?
You should try my new app Remola Diary: Remola Diary - Android Apps on Google Play Remola Diary is free and you will get all these features mentioned below:Features:# Basic Features- Unlimited number of diary / journal entries per day- Add a selfie with each entry- Add unlimited number of hash tags to each entry for easy reach- Edit entries- Search through your diary entries based on tag / date- Compulsory password protection to keep your memories secure- Backup and Import Database- Export to PDF (Requires Android 4.4+)- Set notification time to write diary / journal- Share your entries with your loved ones- Choose between themes to stylize your moments# Innovative Features- Give a tag by simply adding a '#'- Option to export only non-exported entries - Randomly choose entries to view- Flip through selfies with single tap
Event Planning Websites & Software: I am responsible for structuring and writing content for a conference mobile app. Are there best practices for writing mobile app content? Is it acceptable to link pdf's, or should all content reside on the content pages? It will be a native app.
Linking PDFs is the lazy way to do it. It works, but it's terrible for user experience. At CadmiumCD, we urge eventScribe app managers to make as much of the data native to the app as possible. PDFs are great to send via email and to have as auxiliary documents in an event app, but you should really provide attendees with a seamless experience.That being said, here are some tips for you/to share with exhibitors & speakers who are uploading data:1) Make Biographies Short & SweetUnfortunately nobody cares about where you went to elementary school or about your six months in Costa Rica (unless, of course, this is what your presentation is about!). Keep your biography a short one or two paragraphs, 7 or 8 short sentences total. Oh, and make your sentences quick and punchy too. Just enough so people can understand your personality and not get bogged down with a bunch of jargon.2) Make Titles Even Shorter & SweeterSorry, but I don't want to come to your session on "The Theory of Patient Appeasement: The Proportional Relation Between Wait Times in Your Lobby and Patient Satisfication." I'll end up going to "37 Rapid-Fire Tips That Will Make Your Patients Smile" or "Don't Be A Hypocrite: Your Lousy Lounge Room Is Painful to Patients." Grab attendees' attention with your title, then explain (in layman's terms) what you're going to talk about with a few quick sentences.3) Don't Overthink ThingsMost elements in your mobile app come with an icon and/or picture that represents what's being clicked. You don't need to overthink how you label things. Remember this is a digital device and attention spans are short. Complexity is easy, but do the extra work and figure out how to simplify & clarify as much as possible. Your attendees will appreciate it.Good luck!
How can I add my signature with the stylus to a PDF on the Samsung Galaxy Note?
Personal favorite is Xodo PDF Reader & Editor - Android Apps on Google Play very good app, you can give it a shot as well. There are others likeAdobe Fill & Sign DC - Android Apps on Google PlayWrite on PDF - Android Apps on Google Play - from Samsung
How do you write on a PDF without Adobe?
There are many Adobe alternatives for editing and annotating PDFs. For example, PDF Expert is a great choice on Mac. You can select the ‘Pen’ tool to draw or write on a document.You can also type your comments on the margins with the ‘Text’ tool.There are more annotation tools: you can highlight or underline text, and sticky notes.Cheers!