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How can I draw on a PDF file?
Unlike editing text or images within a PDF, drawing on a PDF is a relatively simple task.  Desktop PDF ReadersI would recommend using Adobe Reader (available on both PC and Mac). You can download Reader for free here: Adobe Acrobat Reader DC After opening Reader, click the "Comment" tab in the navigation bar, and then "Drawing Markups". You should be able to cover it with shapes including a rectangle or circle. There is also an eraser tool that may be useful for what you are trying to accomplish. Online PDF editorsPersonally, I'm a fan of using online PDF tools given that they are also free and have many features allowing you to perform a broader range of tasks. They are particularly useful if you need to regularly merge, split, sign and rotate PDF files. For online PDF services, I would check out PDF Pro (full disclosure - I founded PDF Pro). After uploading a PDF file to the online PDF editor, you can draw a range of shapes or use the eraser to modify the contents of your exam. Good luck!
What's the best PDF reading app for iPad that lets you annotate or draw on canvas?
I use PDFelement. It is professional and easy to use. You can underline, highlight, strikethrough, draw, adding stamps, text call-out etc. and free. :)
Is there any app for Android like Apple Pencil which allows us to draw on a PDF and which can be saved?
Obviously there is. You don’t need to go much farther. Adobe Acrobat Reader for android can do it for you.Yes you can draw lines, highlight the texts you want & customize through its awsome editing & annoting feature.And of course its absolutely free & you can get it on Google Play. Here’s the link :Adobe Acrobat Reader - Android Apps on Google PlayHope it helped you !
What does it mean to say a conditional distribution P(y|x) is Gaussian? How do you draw the PDF curve for conditional distributions?
“[math]P(y|x)[/math] is Gaussian” simply means that given information about [math]x[/math], the random variable [math]y[/math] follows the Gaussian (a.k.a. normal) distribution. For example, consider the classic linear regression model [math]y = \alpha + \beta x + \epsilon[/math], where [math]\alpha[/math] and [math]\beta[/math] are constants, and [math]\epsilon[/math] is a normal random variable with mean 0 and standard deviation [math]\sigma_\epsilon[/math]. Depending on what [math]x[/math] looks like, [math]P(y)[/math] may not be normal at all, but the distribution of [math]y[/math] given [math]x[/math] is precisely the normal distribution [math]P(y|x) = N[(\alpha + \beta x), \sigma_\epsilon][/math].As for how you’d draw it … that’s not easy, really. You can draw the distribution of the residuals [math]\epsilon[/math] the same way you would anything else (histograms, density plots, etc.) and you’ll see a normal distribution. Or you could plot [math]y[/math] against [math]x[/math] and observe that the distribution of points about the line [math]y = \alpha + \beta x[/math] is approximately normal. But finding a good way to visualize conditional distributions in general is IMO an open challenge in visualization techniques.
How do I save a Catia V6 product/drawing in PDF format?
I dont know what exactly be the answer but, theres a way, copy the drawing in word or any ms office WB, then convert it to pdf.(sorry, but this is tge way i do)