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Submit important papers on the go with the number one online document management solution. Use our web-based app to edit your PDFs without effort. We provide our customers with an array of up-to-date tools accessible from any Internet-connected device. Upload your PDF document to the editor. Browse for a file on your device or add it from an online location. Insert text, images, fillable fields, add or remove pages, sign your PDFs electronically, all without leaving your desk.


What is an Android app for writing diary entries that should be able to export in PDF format and should be free?
You should try my new app Remola Diary: Remola Diary - Android Apps on Google Play Remola Diary is free and you will get all these features mentioned below:Features:# Basic Features- Unlimited number of diary / journal entries per day- Add a selfie with each entry- Add unlimited number of hash tags to each entry for easy reach- Edit entries- Search through your diary entries based on tag / date- Compulsory password protection to keep your memories secure- Backup and Import Database- Export to PDF (Requires Android 4.4+)- Set notification time to write diary / journal- Share your entries with your loved ones- Choose between themes to stylize your moments# Innovative Features- Give a tag by simply adding a '#'- Option to export only non-exported entries - Randomly choose entries to view- Flip through selfies with single tap
How can I add my signature with the stylus to a PDF on the Samsung Galaxy Note?
Personal favorite is Xodo PDF Reader & Editor - Android Apps on Google Play very good app, you can give it a shot as well. There are others likeAdobe Fill & Sign DC - Android Apps on Google PlayWrite on PDF - Android Apps on Google Play - from Samsung
What are the most useful gems to use in Rails?
There are many gems to consider. The following article from RubyGarage is a comprehensive overview of many different gems, 57 Best Ruby Gems We Use at RubyGarage.If you’re looking to implement analytics, I’d also recommend checking out Segment and adding our analytics-ruby gem. Segment is a flexible solution for tracking user activity in any system. Segment provides a single API for you to send track calls that describe user activity.Our library will collect user activity that you send to Segment, and then transforms and forwards those events to any connected destination (we have hundreds of tools to choose from).To get a bit more insight into the implementation, I’d recommend looking at the following tutorial Thoughtbot created on implementing Segment into your Rails application.Hope this helps!
What can Python do?
5 Reasons You Should Learn Python First:1. Easy-to-LearnLet’s face it. Learning a programming language doesn’t sound as exciting as a breakdance competition on an aircraft carrier. Luckily, Python was designed with the newcomer in mind. Python reads like kindergarten math and is easy on the layman’s eye. The use of white space and common expressions has eliminated the need for tedious variable declarations and unattractive curly brackets. Python also requires less code to complete basic tasks, making it an economical language to learn. Python code is often 3-5 times shorter than Java, and 5-10 times shorter than C++. But while Python is easy to learn in itself, we all know the peril of studying alone and unprepared. Homer Simpson did that in college and look where it got him. Fortunately, the Python community has amassed an ample collection of resources to keep you safe and productive.The famous comedy troupe Monty Python also inspired the name of the Python programming language.2. Your Stepping StonePython can be your stepping stone into the programming universe. Employers are looking for fully stacked programmers and Python will help you get there. Python is an object-oriented language, just like Javascript, C++, C#, Perl, Ruby, and other key programming languages. For people planning to become software developers, learning this type of programming in one area will help you adapt easily in other environments.Specifically, a working knowledge of Python can be a solid foundation because Python’s methodologies can be used in a broad range of applications. For example, Python’s inherent organization and architecture can act as your Rosetta Stone when trying to decipher more cryptic programming languages. Here’s a brief comparison of Python with two other languages: Ruby and PHP. Ruby has a similar structure to Python while PHP has a very different syntax.A “for” loop on a list [Python]:An “each” call with a block on an array [Ruby]:A “while” loop in Python:A “while” loop in PHP:Without prior programming experience, anyone can easily detect the similarities and differences between Python’s syntax and those of other languages. Either way, a basic understanding of Python makes jumping into Ruby a breeze, while deciphering a PHP code becomes an easier task. Once you learn the Zen of Python you can use it to help you succeed in crafting code in any language.Shift into overdrive with these top recommended courses.COURSEIntroduction To Python 3 Programming$ 149COURSEIntroduction To Python$ 603. How About Some Raspberry Pi?Making programming fun is no easy task, whether your students are beginners, seasoned veterans, or children. Heck, even the most enthusiastic teachers struggle to get anyone excited about writing code. But miracles do happen once in a while: bridging the gap between abstract computing and real world applications is now as easy as Pi.Raspberry Pi is a card-sized, inexpensive microcomputer that is being used for a surprising range of exciting do-it-yourself stuff such as robots, remote-controlled cars, and video game consoles. With Python as its main programming language, the Raspberry Pi is being used even by kids to build radios, cameras, arcade machines, and pet feeders! With Raspberry Pi mania on the uptrend, there are countless DIY projects, tutorials, and books to choose from online. These will help you branch out from your “hello world” starter programs to something you can truly be proud of. While you won’t be constructing a mini Voltron anytime soon, the sense of satisfaction you’ll get from completing one of these DIY projects will motivate you to push yourself further than automating an ASCII tic-tac-toe game. 4. Money Money MoneyIf designing a talking skull that sings random tweets from Gary Busey using Python and Raspberry Pi isn’t a big enough incentive, then how about the prospect of having a much fatter wallet? Companies such as Google, Yahoo!, Disney, Nokia, and IBM all use Python. In fact, among programming languages, Python had the largest year-on-year job demand growth — at 19% — as of March 2013. Notably, the overall hiring demand for IT professionals dipped year over year by 5% as of January 2014, except for Python programmers which increased by 8.7%. In New York, Python developers ranked #8 of the most in-demand tech workers, making an average of $106k/year. On the other side of the Atlantic, Python programmers also enjoy a strongly rising demand for their skills as shown by the following graph.Source15. It Works Online TooWeb development is still a booming economic prospect for programmers. With Python’s vast capabilities, you too can have a piece of the action. Django — the popular open source web application framework written in Python — is the foundation of such sites as Pinterest, The New York Times, The Guardian, Bit Bucket, and Instagram. Django is a complete framework that takes the complexity out of web development while still giving you control over as much as you want. As an open-source framework, all the information you need to get started can be found at DjangoProject.com.Python is the only scripting language you’ll need to begin designing your own websites and applications. What’s true with Python is true with Django. Web development with Django is well documented, has a large support community, and takes less time and code. With Django, great ideas can crystalize faster as their development requires less developers and less scripting hours on the keyboard. This will give you more time to enhance your concepts and turn them into professional-grade products. Then again, Django isn’t the only rapid development framework built for Python programmers. There are plenty of light weight and full stacked options that you can explore.
What are the best tricks you know and want to share?
Want to lose weight around your belly? Have 5 cups of green tea everyday.Lick your wrist. Wait for 10 seconds. Then smell it. That's what your breath smells like.Drink tons of apple juice. A chemical compound in the juice will help you to have vivid awesome dreams.Showering with cold water can stop dandruff problems.Dent in your TT ball. Hold a lighter near the dent part, the gases will expand and the dent will go away.Put your phone on ‘airplane’ mode while charging and the phone will charge much faster.Bounce batteries to see if they are good or bad. Drop them on a table from about 6 inches. If they give a small bounce and fall right over then they are good. If not then they are dead.Use a spring from your old pen to keep your charger from breaking or bending.Add 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda when boiling eggs. The shell will come off very easily.If you have a sore throat, eat a piece of cucumber. It gives a cool feeling and a relief from the inner itchy feeling.Avoid answering phones when the battery is less than 10%. The radiation coming out can be 1000 times stronger.Pineapple juice is 5 times more effective than cough syrups. It also prevents cold and the flu.When looking for something you've lost, scan the place from right to left from your eyes. You will pick up more things because your brain isn't used to reading that way.ThanksThanks
If you could learn Android development from scratch, how would you redo it?
If I could time travel and meet myself at the time when I was about to start learning android development, I would have suggested myself the following things:-Don’t be in despair, you are going to do okay. Although the amount of resources look huge you have to take one thing at a time and conquer it. You need not master all the things(As a matter of fact you can’t) and hence don’t panic.Don’t feel like you are the best programmer in the world just because you have coded an android application single-handedly whereas applications like facebook, instagram etc. are coded by teams. Most of the times your code is shit and just because it works doesn’t mean it would work for a million other people.Premature optimization is a sin. Don’t worry about writing the most optimal code at the first go. Get it working and re-factor as many times as possible.Don’t overthink before developing anything(I even do this now). You are going to spend all your energy thinking and finally would give up overwhelmed.You need not learn all the concepts of java before trying to develop an android application. To say the least one week should be more than enough to get basic code working and you will learn more as you go on with android development.This advice is to myself two years back (applicable now as well). Don’t use Eclipse it’s going to die. Shift to android studio and make your life easier.Buy a real android phone if possible. The android emulator is a hell and you would spend a lot of time waiting. Also somethings don’t work on an emulator. If at all emulator is your only option, go for bluestacks (I still use it).Read a lot of code. Don’t always spend time on writing code, you are not going to get better after a level. Spend quality time on reading open source android apps code and you get to learn many things.Working individually is not a heroic achievement. Work in teams and you get to learn a lot more. Writing code that is understandable to a different person is a greater achievement than developing code which only you can understand . And this is going to help you after taking a job , otherwise you will suffer.Adding to 7th point you would get to know how to properly structure an android application by reading open source app’s code whose methods of development are already validated. If you don’t follow this your code base is going to be a mess and you would be spending all the time debugging it.Document the app wherever possible. Not even you can understand what you have written if you approach it after 3 months. And it’s almost like working from scratch checking all cases what that part of code does.Give priority to UI/UX. The user doesn’t care how many features the app has or how many hours you have worked to get the complex functionality working.Less is more. More features is not going to bring you more users. Implement necessary features that work every-time than a bunch of fantasy feature which works once in a life-time.Take utmost care that app doesn’t crash. Users hate apps crashing, they will uninstall it immediately. This should be a top priority.Try to keep the app size as minimal as possible and remove all the unnecessary resources.Don’t take all the permissions offered by the phone just for the sake of fun. Take only permissions which are required otherwise users get suspicious.Don’t reinvent the wheel. The work you have been doing has already been done a million times and at a much better quality. Copy-paste the code whenever possible(In fact it is one of the best habits in android app development).Use all prominent libraries. Don’t make HTTP requests using direct android code , you are going to die. Use Retrofit/Volley and save yourself. Use Picasso/Glide to load images. Don’t use facebook login official documentation, use simple-facebook library. Remove all the boilerplate code as much as possible.You need not make the app available to android version 1. Just make sure the recent android versions are supported which would cover more than 90% of the devices. Don’t spend your valuable time on the remaining 10% old versions.While using google you are going to get a lot of old results which are misleading. Use search tools to filter only the last year results. This is going to help you a lot.Look at a lot of beautiful apps to get an idea about how things are being done in the world. You are going to learn by observing the patterns.Subscribe to Reddit to receive android developer news. It gets you updated with the latest developments and helps you getting inspired from other’s work as well.And finally ask a question like this on Quora/Reddit to get valuable suggestions before you start developing an android app ,).Recommended sources to learn:-Java:-1.Effective Java Book.2.Java Concurrency in Practice.Android:-1.The Big Nerd Ranch Guide Book2.The Busy Coder's Guide to Advanced Android DevelopmentSource:- If you could learn Android Development from scratch how would you re-do it • /r/androiddevFurther reading:-I am android application developer. What should I study more to get high package?How do I learn Android App development in 30 days?
What tablet would you recommend for an undergrad Mechanical Engineer student?
I currently use a Surface RT (bought for $350). I enjoy it because I have full office capabilities. I do understand this is not really in your price range.A Samsung tablet is the best for drawing on PDFs. This might be in your price range, depending on current sales.One of my classmates uses his Samsung Galaxy Note Phone for taking notes during lectures, since you are able to use the pen to take notes.Now, in a alternate universe where a college student has all the money in the world, I would suggest a Surface Pro 4 with an i7 processor, 16GB ram and 259GB hard drive. This tablet would set you back $1800, but it can run CAD, so you are able to design from your tablet, which could pay off. It also has a pen that can be used to easily draw on PDFs in One Note, or highlight in the Reader app. Also, if you have a Windows laptop, the two would sync files through OneDrive, so you are able to work on it on one machine. and switch to the other one.
What are some 'must-have' Android applications for students?
Well I am an Engineering student and this is what my app screen Looks Like: (Snapshot)Some Applications on which I totally depend are:Cam Scanner: This application is the most helpful During Examinations! Don't have notes for the next paper?! Just rush to a Maggu Student room with your phone and voila! You can convert whole of his effort writing down notes during the lectures into PDFs. This app is the reason I am still getting some marks. (Link: CamScanner -Phone PDF Creator)Live Train Status:This Application is very handy during Travel, We all know about the condition of Railways, You can get Running statuses availability and what not from this Application. The Best thing about this app is that it is very Light and works good on 2G as well and you can cross-reference 4 different sources from a single app!Quora:This application is Definitely a MUST-HAVE! I just can't imagine my phone and Lectures without my Mobile fully charged and having Quora in it. Quora truly is an awesome platform to learn new things and be more informative and interactive with people. I am a Quora addict and always tell more and more people to come on it! I just wonder why they don't have an application for Windows!I wrote an answer for the same: Suyash Sharma's answer to How do you know if you are finally addicted to Quora? (Link: Android Apps on Google Play)PitchLab Lite:This App is a must have if you play a Guitar or any other Stringed Instrument, Perfect for tuning different instruments at different scales and styles. This application is simple yet robust, It provides different modes which you can use to enhance your tuning and understand about different new things. I am planning to upgrade to the Pro Version soon. (Link: PitchLab Guitar Tuner (LITE))RealCalc:Forgot to Bring your Scientific calculator to Lab?! You can use this android app to do all of your scientific engineering calculations easily here!(Link: Scientific Calculator)Other Apps:Photo Editing: Aviary (Photo Editor by Aviary )Dictionary: Merriam-Webster (Android Apps on Google Play)App Share: Share apps (Android Apps on Google Play)Read More Here: 25 Apps College Students Shouldn’t Live Without
What are some study hacks should a UPSC aspirant know?
Thanks for A2A.Experience matters a lot. After giving three successful attempts of UPSC/IAS, I have zeroed down on some hacks that will definitely help you in clearing this exam.Study smartly. First prepare a strategy of what to study and what not to study and then put all your hard work in it.Study from limited sources and study that religiously. For example, I followed only VisionIAS monthly current affairs magazine apart from newspaper. No need to gather everything available under the sun.Answer writing for Mains. Most important.Essay, Ethics and Optional cost you 1000 marks and GS 1,2 and 3 combined cost you 750 marks. An aspirant waste all his energy to prepare for GS and compromise on others. Please be aware (or BEWARE) of this.Please go through previous years question papers of prelims, mains and optional. They will guide you.Solve last 10 years’ prelims question papers and last 5–6 years’ optional papers.Do not take CSAT or Paper 2 of Preliminary examination lightly, especially this year.Revise, Revise, Revise.Study for three hours at a stretch.Do not study for more than 8 hours per day. You can increase this to 10 hours when exams come near.Do take a day off to recharge your batteries.While, doing CSAT, do not get stuck. First solve all the questions you know to calm down the pressure.In Preliminary examination, solve all the questions you know 100%, 50% and 25% . Do not leave more than 10 questions to be on safer side. This year, prelims examination will be a challenge. The cut off may rise to 130. Take calculative risk.In mains exam, attempt all questions. First answer all the questions you know. Then try to write something about the questions that you don't know. Try not to leave questions.Write fast and write as you like in mains. Please don't think of writing in points or paragraph. Write as you think it should be written.Draw diagrams in mains exam wherever necessary. Presentation matters.Lastly, I urge you all, to take up one physical activity. It will keep you happy, motivated and strong. I know how I suffered in my first attempt when I gave up exercise to study. The neck pain wasted my crucial two months. It is better to give one hour daily, rather than suffering later.I hope this will be useful.All the Best friends!!