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Hello guys this is Vinay and in today's video I will show you how you can make a door beater your default PDF viewer in Windows 10 so let's get started first of all you need to open setting app for that you need to click on the start button after that click on the Settings icon here you need to click on the apps now on the Left pane switch to default apps here scroll down and click on this link which reads choose default app by file type now here you need to scroll down until you find dot PDF file extension so you can see Microsoft edge is a default application to view dot PDF files to change Microsoft edge with Adobe Reader just click on it now in the list you need to select Adobe Acrobat Reader and that's it minimize the settings window now try to open the PDF file so you can see now the PDF file is opening in Adobe Reader or alternately you can make a right click on the PDF file now click on the choose another app now from the list you need to select Adobe Acrobat Reader now tick mark this option which read always use this app to open Word PDF files and that's it so this will also open the PDF file in the Adobe Acrobat Reader so this is how you can make a dog reader as a default PDF viewer in Windows 10 give a try to these steps and if you find my video useful don't forget to Like and subscribe my youtube channel for more interesting videos thanks for watching

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Every time I want to open a PDF file, Microsoft insists that I use Edge. Can someone recommend a PDF viewer for Windows 10 that isn't a big pile of crap?
Microsoft Edge is light and good for basic viewing. I use it almost every time. It does all the basic work which a normal person wants to do. The major advantage is that, it is preinstalled and you can use it for web browsing too.I left using Adobe Reader in 2012. Since then I am very happy. Adobe Reader sucks your RAM all time. It's updater is scheduled to run at startup.Instead if you want a PDf editer then I would recommend you to use Wondeshare PDF element.
What is the best PDF viewer for Windows for annotating PDF files?
How Do You Organize and Annotate PDFs? Academics work with a lot of PDF files—journal articles, scanned ILL materials, and, increasingly, historical documents available through archives such as Google Books. After my first few posts here at ProfHacker, I received a number of emails asking me to recommend a good program for organizing, tagging, reading, and (especially) annotating PDF files. Folks want to be able to store all their journal articles together in a single program, make notes on them as they would on paper copies, and search their both their articles and their notes easily.Such an app sounds fantastic, but I have yet to find it. There are a number of PDF applications for OS X that do one or more of these things, but I’ve found no one application that does all that I wish it would. So this will be a different kind of post. I’ll discuss a few of the alternatives in the Mac app universe, and then open the floor to you. Please use the comments to tell us what program(s) you use to organize and annotate PDFs, what features are most important to you in such a program, or how you manage the digital primary and secondary sources in your work. Widows and Linux users—please chime in as well about how you manage PDFs on other platforms.
What's the Windows equivalent to Apple Preview's pdf form filling and saving function?
Microsoft introduced a PDF viewer equivalent to Apple's excellent Preview app in Windows 8 called Reader. I personally have never used it so I can't speak to the quality of it, but it did exist. Microsoft did not release Windows 10 with a native PDF app. Perhaps they thought that was something that would be better suited to the third party community to support, but in Windows 10 there is no native PDF viewer. That means the only version of Windows with a counterpart to Preview is Windows 8.
What are some of the most useful add-ons for Windows 10?
As usual Microsoft Windows have some holes that can only be fixed by adding some non-Microsoft programs. Some programs make windows work better and some fix it. The list can vary from machine to machine but I’ll try to be as general as possible to cover all the aspects:VLC Media Player: Because most of the DVD formats won’t run on Windows 10 without it.PSI Inspector: To sort the complete list of software installed and whenever an update is required for any of those.Lastpass: To make you go free from the trouble of remembering all your IDs and passwords, saving them on cloud, letting you access from wherever you want.Recuva: An awesome piece of software that can undelete your data on your USB, SD Card even phones that can get connected to your PCRevo Uninstaller: An uninstaller that can search and delete the related files and registry entries whenever you uninstall It puts all the editing tools a non-professional would love to have in case of image editing.7-Zip: If you have different extension compressed files.PicPick: To make screenshots as easy as one click.Flashget: Along with downloading normal files using http, Flashget also support torrent files so that you can download to your heart’s content.These add-ons can help you get your Windows 10 machine on track. Hope it covers all the general aspects. ^_^
Is there a pdf reader with night mode?
I practically tried at least more than 2 dozen PDF reading apps to get the best experience of “Night Mode & Text Reflow “ features simultaneously. These are the best on Android platform.Librera Reader PRO:- “Document” (yes! you name it! ) reading experience in this app is a true pleasure & INCOMPARABLE reading app in all senses. Specially regarding it's extremely high customization ability,endless features,Simply the greatest of all document reading kind.Download it from Blackmart. Just install Blackmart and copy paste the app name and then download & installRepligo Reader PRO: This one is great too in.Text reflow feature is good but you can't change the default font of the pdf. Download it from Blackmart. Same installing process as above.PDF Reader: If you want just comfortable night mood and text re-flow with good font than its OK . But it contains annoying adds and overall experience is not good.Xodo Reader : You have to increase the reflow level by increasing the font size based on 25 scale.Has tab feature which is good.You can use 12 different Background-Font color combination which is extra ordinary in a free app.PDF Reader: My first love of this kind app.Simplest.Best Text reflow experience i ever had.Good font while reflowing. But often crashes(depends which version you use.earlier versions are crash free).Developer stopped updating this simplest app.Enjoy reading at night without torturing your precious eyes or don’t just stop reading because of you have some serious light sensitive eyes like me .Please Up vote and help others to find about this brilliant apps.Thank You.
Is it worth doing the free upgrade of Windows 7 to Windows 10?
Yes, it is! Windows 10 will offer various features and will open doors for you towards apps such as Facebook, Viber, Asphalt Airbone, Windows Central, etc. It comes with antivirus in built, which is robust enough for every day use.Better file conflicts management, now you can see and choose which version of file you want to keep.Notification Centre - All notification in one place, finallyQuick Settings - SAMSUNG brought it, later implemented by Google Android, iOS and Windows Phone. Now available in Windows 10, quickly turn off and on Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, switch between tablet and pc mode and more.Search - Better searching, just press Start + S, anywhere. Now global button on taskbar. Introduced in Windows 8, improved in Windows 10.Inbuilt free Office apps - Like Google docs? You will love MS Office, now free and cloud support. Mails, Calendar, Skype, Contacts, PDF viewer all at one place. No need to install other apps and they are as good for daily use.Store - App store, home to all apps.Better battery management - Battery saver mode.Wi-Fi Sense - Share you connections with friends and colleagues. Microsoft Edge - With Win7 you'll remain on IE11. But with Win10 you get Edge, which promises better performance and website compatibilityFaster boot times, with new booting mechanism introduced in Windows 8.Snap - Now you can snap 4 Windows at same time. Snap Assist, helps you know which Windows are open and can be snapped.Live Tiles - View information at glance. Lesser heavier than Android widgets, gives valuable information. Got new mail or calendar alert, live tiles will show the same.Index Letters in Start - Tired of browsing long list of apps, use Index letters for easy navigation to any app. Want to launch MS Word ? Tap on any letter, than chose M. You will get all apps whose starting letter is M. Start Menu is back -  Old familiar start menu is back, but u can always use it as full screen start also.SmartScreen filter - Windows 10 is smarter, will alert you if app is unsafe to install.More features, you can see on websiteWindows 10 Features - Microsoft
How can I print PDF files in Windows 10?
Did you install Foxit Reader? Free PDF Reader & PDF Viewer Download | Foxit SoftwarePress Ctrl+PChoose Foxit Reader PDF Printer.3. Then, press Print button.