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Submit important papers on the go with the number one online document management solution. Use our web-based app to edit your PDFs without effort. We provide our customers with an array of up-to-date tools accessible from any Internet-connected device. Upload your PDF document to the editor. Browse for a file on your device or add it from an online location. Insert text, images, fillable fields, add or remove pages, sign your PDFs electronically, all without leaving your desk.


What are the best PDF annotation tools in Ubuntu Linux?
I had been looking for a pdf annotation tool in Linux for a long time, here are my needs:highlight textinsert text commentdraw rectangle around textdraw oval around textcompatible with Adobe Acrobat, I mean, its annotations can be deleted or modified by Adobe Acrobat and vice versa.with search capacityfast response for large pdf document with up to a thousand pagesbetter has Windows version though not very importantI had tried Evince, Xournal, Okular, Adobe Reader, Foxit Reader, until I found Qoppa Software and PDF Studio (Qoppa Software) which completely meets my needs. Both old version of Adobe Reader and Foxit Reader run in wine, and I think you will not be satified with them. Here I compare the other four pdf software.Evince: a perfect pdf viewer but without annotation capacityXournal: treat each page as an image, so you are drawing on an image, and it doesn’t support search and is not compitable with Adobe AcrobatOkular: perhaps the best free pdf annotation tool in Linux, it supports 9 ways to annotate, limited but enough, one major flaw is that once you made an annotation, you cannot adjust its position or size any more.PDF Studio: a tool comparable with Adobe Acrobat, written in Java, cross platform, so you can use it under Linux, Windows and Mac.You can see the comparison between PDF Studio and Adobe Acrobat at Compare PDF Studio with Acrobat and other PDF annotating software. PDF Studio is commercial software  and have a free trial PDF Studio Free Download.
What's the best PDF reading app for iPad that lets you annotate or draw on canvas?
I use PDFelement. It is professional and easy to use. You can underline, highlight, strikethrough, draw, adding stamps, text call-out etc. and free. :)
Which is the best version of AutoCAD for me?
For me AutoCAD 2004 is the best (my work is different, i switch between softwares). But only for me. Universally the best is AutoCAD 2017.The reasons are is what all i dreamed to be in AutoCAD is introduced in AutoCAD 2017, and AutoCAD takes 9 leaps if other softwares takes one leap.The Top features which is available in only in AutoCAD 2017 are :3D printing (enhanced) You have several options for 3D printing: You can send your 3D models to an external 3D print service. Or, install the Print Studio tool and either connect to a 3D printer or create a print file for later.I thought one day this will come in AutoCAD, and now it is there.Coordination model (enhanced) Design within the context of existing BIM models - a new feature makes AutoCAD to spread its wings into BIM Attach and view **Navisworks** and **BIM 360 Glue** models directly inside AutoCAD software. New functionality lets you to snap to precise locations on an attached coordination model using the standard 2D endpoint and center object snaps. This dream of mine even though not fully realized but a experienced AutoCAD user with AutoCAD can create a intelligent BIM 3d file.AutoCAD 360 Pro View, create, edit, and share DWG drawings on mobile devices. Get essential tools for on-the-go CAD work. AutoCAD 360 Pro is the official AutoCAD mobile app that lets you take the power of AutoCAD wherever you go.Create, edit, mark up, annotate, and measure CAD drawings on your mobile device.View and work with the latest plans on job sites or client visits.Use advanced layer management.Connect to external cloud storage services like Google Drive and Box.Work offline and sync changes later. AutoCAD 360 Pro is included with your AutoCAD subscription. Simply download the free AutoCAD 360 mobile app to your device. Log in to the app with your Autodesk ID (the same ID as your AutoCAD subscription ID). You’ll be automatically upgraded to the Pro version.Perpetual and maintenance customers can subscribe to AutoCAD 360 Pro at a low monthly rate.PDF to DWG: This is probably the most awaited feature in AutoCAD, starting with AutoCAD 2017 you can import drawings from PDF format to AutoCAD as geometry and text objects.So far there were many third party tools which in my opinion were very buggy and inefficient in doing the so called task of converting PDF to DWG drawings hence addition of this feature is a great enhancement to AutoCAD features.To use this feature type PDFIMPORT on command line and press enter then select file from command line and locate PDF file from your computer and click on open. Now an Import PDF window will open select all required options from this window and click on OK.AutoCAD drawing will be imported as text and geometry and you can customize these objects easily.Sharing drawings:You can now directly share files with users who don’t even have AutoCAD using A360 cloud account and all they need is a web browser for accessing shared drawing.To share a drawing make sure you are logged into your Autodesk 360 cloud account and your drawing is saved.Click on application button on top left of AutoCAD window select publish then design views from options. Select one of the two options from next notification window and wait for the drawing to upload and process for viewing.Once your drawing is ready for viewing you will get a bubble notification in your AutoCAD window click on it to open the drawing in web browser. Click on get link icon on top right corner of A360 viewer and copy the link. You can now share this link with users and end user will not even require AutoCAD software or A360 account for viewing this drawing.Migrate custom settings:The new custom settings migration setting window is more visually appealing and has easy to understand interface.Enhanced graphics:With new AutoCAD you will see an enhanced graphics in 3D with improved performance and smooth visible features on 3D drawings.Making centreline and centre marks seamlessly:With new AutoCAD 2017 you can easily add centre lines and centre marks to the geometry. Simply type the command CENTREMARK and click on circular object to create the centre mark, you can use this command to make a centre mark on circle, arc and fillet.In order to create a centre line between objects such as two parallel or intersecting lines type command CENTRELINE press enter and select both parallel or intersecting lines. A centre line will be created in between both the lines.These centre lines and centre mark will remain associated with the objects with reference to which they are created and when you change position of those original objects then these centre line and centre mark will change itself to reflect new updated position.AUTOCAD NOT ONLY FIRST TO TAKE OFF, IT STILL FLIES HIGHER . AUTOCAD 2017 is the best !
Which free software are mathematicians often using?
proTeXt[1] : Free LaTeX editor and compiler in one bundle.InkScape[2] : Draw diagrams easily and save as Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG), and allows easy exportation to PS, EPS or PDF.Footnotes[1] a TeX distribution for Windows[2] Draw Freely | Inkscape
What are the most productive ways to spend time on the Internet?
1.Quora.com :You might not have heard of it, but this site is among the most successful startups in the year 2013. Quora’s mission is to share and grow world knowledge. It's a question-answer based site where people ask their questions and queries and get responses from experts. In fact, my this post is inspired by one of questions asked on this website. Simply, Quora is the best source of knowledge. The good thing about Quora is that it contains questions from all the fields like lifestyle, technology, travelling, cooking, internet and many more. Ask Anything and you will get the best answers to your questions. Also read the answers of the questions asked by other users. In short, Quora contains great information and facts which are rarely available. You can also write blog posts about what you know. I fell in love with this site since I first visited it.2. Duolingo.com:An awesome language teaching site that teaches you some International Languages from scratch. Currently it supports onlySpanish, French, Italian, German, Portuguese andDutch, but more will be added soon. The good thing about the site is it starts at beginner level and it is completely free. If you put little effort and are really interesting in learning a new language, in couple of months you can speak and write a new language. Learning with duolingo is fun and addictive. Dulingo app is available for bothiOS and Android so that you can learn anytime.3. Justinguitar.com:You are definitely going to thanks me for this if you are fond of learning guitar.Justinguitar.com was started by Justin Sandercoein 2003 and since then his website is visited by millions of people. His site provides hundreds of free quality guitar lessons. All lessons are in form of video so that you can easily learn playing guitar. This site provides the best way to learn guitar online and thousands music lovers already making the most of it.4.Cookingforengineers.com:Not only provides new recipes but also teach the way how to make them tastier. All the recipes are well written, photographed and very easy to understand. If you love cooking, this is the site to read.5. Lumosity.comA free online application to test your brain and achieve its full potential. It provides free brain testing, memory testing and logical reasoning exercises which refreshes your brain and makes you more smarter and sharper. It’s the web most popular scientifically designed training program and it is free.6. Khanacademy.comThis site deserves a much higher place in this list because of its mission which aims at providing world class education to those who need it but cannot afford it. It is non-profit organization which provides world class education for everyone everywhere free of cost. It covers a wide variety of subjects like mathematics, science, economics, Arts and humanities andcomputer science. It also provide lectures for various test preparation like SAT, GMAT,IIT-JEE, MCAT, etc.Recommended ReadingRainyMood - Listen to Relaxing Sound of Rain While Working on Computer to Increase Productivity All the Khan academy’s educational content and material is available to everyone completely free of charge.7. Freerice.comWell, You might living in a developed country and has a modern lifestyle but there are many people out there who are still not getting enough food and suffering from hunger.Freerice helps to end hunger from world by providing rice to hungry people for free. It has multiple type quiz questions on wide variety of subjects and if you answer right, they donate 10 grains of rice through the World Food Programme. So you can improve your knowledge and provide some food to needy people at the same time.8. Ted.comCollection of TED (Technology, Education and Design) talks in which experts addresses on wide variety of useful topics through small interval videos. It is like attending a world class seminar from home.9. Coursera.comDo you ever dream of studying at world’s top universities? Now you can virtually fulfill this dream.Coursera.com provides online courses in collaboration with world’s best universities likeUniversity of California, The Hong Kong University of science and technology, Stanford University, University of Pittsburg, University of Tokyo, University of Michigan and many more.The approach used bycoursera.com is very much similar to real classes. You learn by watching demonstrating videos, perform activities and assignment and then submit the assignments .On the basis of your assignments you get marks. The quality of content and material at this class matches the education quality at world level universities. Here are the some courses I am currently attending :· An Introduction to Interactive Programming in Python· Programming Mobile Applications for Android Handheld Systems· Learn to Program: Crafting Quality CodeAll these courses are available free of cost.10. Nerdfitness.comAn ultimate site that helps stay in shape and provide valuable health tips. It provides very valuable information and case studies on how you canlose your weight. Feel like getting instructions from a professional sitting at home.11. Codecademy.comAs Internet is expanding each day, there is more demand of web developers andprogrammers. At codeacademy you can learn the basics of code. You may not become a professional programmer immediately after following the tutorials but this site teaches you the right way to become an expert. Currently it provides classes and courses on web technologies like HTML, Javascript , jQuery, PHP, Ruby, WordPress, etc.12. Openculture.comThis site can be considered the repository of free online educational resources which include videos, tutorials, eBooks and audio books. It does not provide educational content itself but collects all the good learning material from all the sites(including the sites I mentioned above) and collaborate them so that you can access them at single place.13. geographyiq.comA unique site which provides information about the major facts of all countries. Select a country either alphabetically or from map and access information likeGeography, People, Military, Communication, currency, Economy and so on.14. Instructables.comA huge community which provide how-to-do step by step guides on almost everything – from some basic household tricks to high end tech tricks.15. Howstuffworks.comIf your hobby includes reading and you are curious about things, then this is the site for you to visit. How Stuff works – An online source of easy to understand explanationsof how certain things actually works. From car engines to search engines, from cell phones to stem cells, and thousands of subjects in between, HowStuffWorks has it covered.The list of such kind of websites is very long. I tried to cover only those which I found highly productive and useful.
What free software tools are useful for chemical and process engineers?
Feel free to try this handy P&ID diagram design maker.Things you can do:Finish projects on Windows, Mac or Linux OS.Drag and drop lots of built-in symbols and marks on the unlimited drawing canvas.Have a quick start based on the rich templates and examples in different sub-categories.Switch between different diagram theme, background color, connectors types etc.Easy to add supportive resources like notes, attachments, external links etc.Exporting/importing/sharing in many formats like SVG, PDF, HTML, MS Office etc.Draw your own symbols by using the preset pencil or pen tool.
How can I draw on a PDF file?
Unlike editing text or images within a PDF, drawing on a PDF is a relatively simple task.  Desktop PDF ReadersI would recommend using Adobe Reader (available on both PC and Mac). You can download Reader for free here: Adobe Acrobat Reader DC After opening Reader, click the "Comment" tab in the navigation bar, and then "Drawing Markups". You should be able to cover it with shapes including a rectangle or circle. There is also an eraser tool that may be useful for what you are trying to accomplish. Online PDF editorsPersonally, I'm a fan of using online PDF tools given that they are also free and have many features allowing you to perform a broader range of tasks. They are particularly useful if you need to regularly merge, split, sign and rotate PDF files. For online PDF services, I would check out PDF Pro (full disclosure - I founded PDF Pro). After uploading a PDF file to the online PDF editor, you can draw a range of shapes or use the eraser to modify the contents of your exam. Good luck!
What is similar to adobe Acrobat Pro?
There are quite a few alternate software out there that can help you in case you don’t want to work with Adobe Acrobat. Given below is a list of options you could try your hand at.#1. iSkysoft PDF Editor Pro (Mac and Windows)As a suitable alternative to Adobe Acrobat, you can download iSkysoft PDF Editor Pro for Mac and iSkysoft PDF Editor for Windows. This software comes with the facility of letting you edit your PDF documents in a broad scope as it is done in Office Word processor. It also lets you convert PDF documents to Word documents, Excel, HTML, PPT, EPUB, Images and more. And more features are available:Edit native and scanned PDF by adding, deleting or changing texts, images, and others in PDF.Annotate or mark up PDF with text boxes, sticky notes or freehand drawings.Convert standard and scanned PDF to Word, PPT, Excel, Images, HTML, and other formats.Create PDF from existing PDF, Webpages, HTML, and Text files.Quickly sign PDF and make comments. Decrypt or encrypt PDFs.Combine, compress or split PDF documents.Fill out PDF and create PDF from many free PDF form templates. #2. Nitro Pro 9 (Windows)Nitro Pro 9 is another Adobe Acrobat alternative that is gaining popularity when it comes to handling documents. The software comes with integrated Internet cloud facilities. It helps users to make new documents, edit them and share them with others easily both offline and online.Price: $ 183.58Pros:The documents created on Nitro Pro are PDF documents that can be opened from any PDF reader, and on any mobile device too.The Nitro Cloud feature lets users sign and share documents with users of different browsers.Cons:Nitro Pro 9 provides no facility for PDF indexing.It OCR facility malfunctions when it comes to big-sized documents. #3. Foxit PDF Editor (Windows)Foxit PDF Editor is a smooth-working PDF editing program. When it comes to PDF editing Foxit’s facilities match that of word processing software. This PDF editor locates test boxes automatically and lets users edit paragraphs within the text boxes.Price: $ 99Pros:It allows users to split or join text blocks to edit easily, where users can resize or move text blocks to get a definite layout.Its image editing capabilities are also better incorporated.Cons:It comes with a detached plug-in facility that needs to be installed separately.The process to update the plug-in is not clear. #4. PDF Studio (Mac, Windows, Linux)PDF Studio is a user-friendly Adobe Acrobat alternative that comes at half the price of Adobe Acrobat. It includes all the editing and extra features that a good PDF editing system has, while being in compliance with the PDF document standards.Price: $ 89Pros:It can annotate PDF documents, besides being able to make PDFs out of Word documents, images and other texts.It includes document support in the form of Google Drive SharePoint.Cons:Its trial version cones with a watermark.There is no provision of ‘Undo’, besides, it also doesn’t work with common trackpad commands like shrink or zoom. #5. PDFpen (Mac)PDFpen is a PDF editing software that is compatible with the Mac OS, and has the added advantage of reasonably priced. It has the common features of a PDF editor like making changes or correcting typos in the main text document, besides it also lets users add texts, signatures and images.Price: $ 59.95Pros:It has the ability to export Ms-Word files to the PDF format.It can scan images with OCR and turn it into a text document.Cons:It has some functional issues like pages can occasionally seem out of focus. Long documents take longer time to load.It also does not have features like Page Labelling. #6. PDFClerk Pro (Mac)PDFClerk Pro is a software known for its high-speed functionality when it comes to handling PDF documents. It comes with various interesting features where you can also make a PDF document in other foreign languages where it can be read from right to left as in Hebrew or Arabic. It gives you more layout options than most other softwares.Price: $ 48.00Pros:Letting users resize pages or even entire documents to another page size, and also letting them shift the content of the pages if necessary.Permitting users to export single pages in the bitmap (png, jpg etc.) format, or even make audio files from a text’s document.Cons:Page mark-up tools are absent.Visually the interface is not quite appealing. #7. PDF Signet (Mac)PDF signet is a Mac Adobe Acrobat alternative. It lets its users sign PDF documents with a X.509 certificate in a user-friendly manner. The app also lets users verify signatures by simply dropping the concerned PDF file into the app.Price: $ 10Pros:It allows users to place their signatures digitally on PDF files through any device.The certificate for signing can be employed easily from the Keychain.It also automatically signs documents as you make them.It also confirms the validity of existing signatures.Cons:Limited to a certain area of functionality in PDF documents.It is only compatible on the OS X 10.7 or later versions of the system.#8. Infix PDF Editor (Mac and Windows)Infix PDF Editor is an Adobe Acrobat alternative that edits PDF files in the manner of a word-processing software. Hence it is simple and highly functional when it comes to reformatting edited documents. From altering texts, font sizes and images, reutilizing and editing PDF files without needing the source file to filling in forms Infix PDF Editor is a resourceful software.Price: $ 99Pros:Its software akin to that of a word-processor makes it really easy to use, sans any complex functions.It can copy text and images between PDF files.It has the feature to Search and replace, not only in individual files but across multiple files simultaneously.Cons:When filling forms users will find a watermark appearing on the final document.Quite a few features are missing in its Standard and Advanced mode. #9. deskPDF Creator (Mac and Windows)Powered by Docudesk, deskPDF gives users the facility to convert documents of any format to PDF files. Compatible with both the Mac and Windows operating systems, this software contains easy-to-use but significant features like a drag-and-drop option to convert files to the PDF format, besides watermarking, merging, PDF file security provisions and custom profile workflows.Price:$ 34.95Pros:It comes installed with a virtual printer that assists in converting any file that has the ‘Print’ option to the PDF format.The PDF Preview feature facilitates users to view the file before it is printed, and even lets them rotate or remove pages if they require to.A swifter PDF creation engine ensures greater facilities. Users can select between making PDFs in quality formats or optimized small-sized PDFs that can be shared online or through emails.Cons:A nag screen that disturbs users in the trial version.Complicated advanced features that users take time to understand. #10. Proview (Mac)Compatible with the Mac OS X, Proview is a PDF editor that employs a broad array of features to edit documents and also to create new PDF documents. With this software users can remove or add PDF files, or make changes to multiple parts of a PDF text. All its features are quick and easy to execute.Price: $ 42.26Pros:Comprehensive and interactive tools, with greater formatting features that includes transparency as well.The tools of Trim, Bleed and art boxes, besides the capability of labelling multiple pages together.Cons:The fact that the documents edited by it trial version carry the watermark of ‘Demo’ across it.Its inadequate features as compared to Acrobat X Pro. #11.DigiSigner (free, Mac, Windows, Linux)DigiSigner is a free alternative to Adobe Acrobat that is compatible with Mac, Windows and also the Linux operating system, and is used to see PDF files and create digital signatures on them employing the X.509 certificates. The application is capable of endorsing and handling complicated functions like multiple signing of documents, USB sticks, smart cards and key stores.Price: FreePros:Its user-friendly interface, which can be either employed as a web device or an installed program.The facility to let users make legally validated signatures on PDF documents for free, utilizing the X.509 certificate.Cons:Its small area of specialization where it yields restricted features on the particular aspect of signing documents.The free edition is subject to only essential tools, whereas the paid application comes with greater facilities of time stamp, Smartcard/USB tokens, server support besides one year email assistance. #12. PDFLab (free, Mac)PDFLab is another free Adobe Acrobat alternative for Mac that permits users to divide and merge PDF files, besides letting them add images as well as blank pages. It also gives users the ease to build PDF documents by joining multiple images. Using it can be simple, as users only need to insert their files in a list, pick the pages, arrange them in a sequence and build a new PDF file.Price: FreePros:It comes with functions that let users swiftly divide a document into multiple ones.It also lets users password-protect files or decrypt them according to their needs.Cons:It is only compatible with a Mac OS.It comes with limited features as compared to a full-blown PDF editor. #13. Master PDF Editor (free, Mac, Windows, Linux)The Master PDF Editor is a free alternative to Adobe Acrobat that handles PDF and XPS files well. Though there is a paid edition the demo edition also lets users access all its features that include editing PDF files with both images and texts. Users can also build XPS or PDF files besides converting files between the two formats.Price:$ 49.95Pros:Users can edit or insert bookmarks in PDF documents, as well as encrypt them employing the 128 bit encryption method.Inserting PDF control tools like buttons, lists, checkboxes into the PDF files.Cons:The lack of a drag-and-drop tool.The trial version has a watermark that is added to all edited PDF files. #14. FreePDF (free, Windows)FreePDF is a free alternative to Adobe Acrobat for Windows that is generally used for seeing PDF files. FreePDF assists users in filling, signing and sending forms via email quickly. Its PDF viewer system is also integrated with features like page rotation, page snapshot, multi view mode etc. and lets users easily navigate through the PDF documents while making edits.Price: FreePros:The text overlay tool that facilitates users to insert a text overlay in their PDF files, as well as the signature overlay tool.It has improved form-filling tools in the form of the filling radio buttons.Cons:To some users it has inadequate PDF editing features when it comes to professional work.It is only compatible with the Windows OS. #15. PrimoPDF (free, Windows)PrimoPDF is a PDF building application that works smoothly with the Windows operating system. The PDF creation tool is rather quick and easy with the drag and drop feature that creates perfectly standardized PDF documents. Being free makes this software doubly popular for people to choose this as the ultimate PDF creation application.Price: FreePros:It gives users the capability to password-protect files and design definite particulars to precisely edit files.File conversion of files of different formats is just as simple with no reduction in quality with PrimoPDF.Cons:The user support links are often broken, and provide inconsistent support.The design of the software is simplistic and riddled with advertisements for other software.