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Hello this is Raphael Freeman from ralina typesetting and this is an updated video on how to mark up a PDF this time using the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader DC's a free download from Adobe so how do we mark up a PDF there are three main Corrections you're going to be wanting to do to your text one is going to be deleting something another one's gonna be inserting something and the other words need to be replacing you also might want to make some comments on the actual formatting so I'm just going to give a quick overview on how to do the various different things so let's dive in in order to make corrections what you need to do is at the top of the screen you need to click on tools and then you're gonna see a whole bunch of things we go to the very first one called comment and when you click on to comment you're going to go into the text edit mode and what when you do that you're gonna see three things of importance while you're going to see a yellow square here so you know your text moding you're going to see some text edit mode I just made up a new word text mode you're gonna see some buttons up here which we're going to use only one of them in this video and we're going to see the comments list over here so let's say we wanted to lead to worse so we dive straight in let's I want to delete the word the other two had already defeated me I hate the word - lets us get rid of it doesn't matter that doesn't make any sense let me how about the word do we also want to highlight the space after it because we do want to have to space space something and we just press Delete but we've now deleted the word if you look on the right you'll see the name of the person who made the correction that's me what I've done I've struck through some text and that's it and we see it's on page 10 which is a 10th page of the PDF let's say I want to insert a word okay I'm gonna insert the word green makes no sense at all doesn't matter I can attack the word green that's very important that after would really add a space because of course it's not I'm trying to green picture it I want to try to green picture maybe doesn't make any sense doesn't really matter after putting the space though we must not do this that we always make and that is hit the enter key they hit the end to keep to say that I finished making this correction then where they comes into typesetting the correction is going to be imported as I'm trying to green space newline picture we don't want to do

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