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How do I get free CCIE Wireless 400-351 dumps? PDF dumps and VCE dumps?
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What are the prototyping tools for mobile apps for professional's user experience? What has been your experience with them?
There are many Amazing Tools available in market and if you want to know why it is so important to Prototype you can read it here!To Share a short list here are some of the tools that we feel are good enough :#1 InVision:Price:The pricing plan is divided into five sections.Free – 1 active prototype Starter- 3 active prototype- $15 per month Professional- unlimited prototype- $25 per month Team- unlimited prototype- $99 per month Enterprise Edition- free to use, you can avail the benefits of advanced features for unlimited prototypes.Prototyping for:Websites, Web Apps, iOS, Android, Apple Watch, Android Wear.Description:InVision is a web-based prototyping tool allowing you (designers) to create spellbinding interactive mockups for the web and mobile projects. You cannot create screens directly on Invision, instead, you need to upload the static designed screens and then add hotspots to transfigure them into interactive mockups.Besides, you can sync your photoshop or sketch files and add your own prototype in real-time making it look authentic and soothing.Features:InVision is wrapped with user-centric features including preview mode, commenting, version control and file syncing. You can add transitions, animations, and gestures which it provides in plenty and let the design speaks. It allows you to sync design files from your favourite storage tools helping you to make your entire design productive from start to finish. It supports PNG, JPEG/JPG, GIF, AI and PSD file format. By the way, it is an amazing collaborating tool that seeks feedback from the clients and end-users.#2 MarvelPrice:The pricing plan is divided into four sections:Free: Free forever – Unlimited Projects- Unlimited comments for first 3 projects onlyPro: Monthly charges would be $12 for unlimited projects- unlimited comments- allows to download offline prototypes as ZIP/PDF and Android- Password Protect Prototypes- Remove Marvel BrandingPlus: Monthly charges would be $15 for unlimited projects- unlimited comments- allows to download offline prototypes as ZIP/PDF and Android- Password Protect Prototypes- Remove Marvel Branding – download offline prototypes for iOS.Company: Monthly charges would be $36 (3 users) for unlimited projects- unlimited comments- allows to download offline prototypes as ZIP/PDF and Android- Password Protect Prototypes- Remove Marvel Branding – download offline prototypes for iOS- Organise users into Teams – User Roles-Centralised Billing.Prototyping for:iOS & AndroidDescription:Marvel is an ultimate browser prototyping tool that eases your prototyping process. Simply sign-in in the account and get accessed to the area where you can experience creating your first prototype.Features:Unlike InVision, Marvel has limited transition, animations and gesture class libraries. You can change background colours and resize images with an addition to have access to 17 vivid templates for prototyping. You can even optimize your designs device specific.The best part of this easy to use and learn tool is companion app feature that lets you transform your sketch designs into a prototype just by clicking the design’s image. And, as such your images are synced with Marvel account, therefore, you can create quick mockups for experimentation even before designing a single layout in Photoshop or Sketch.Lastly, you can sync design files from Google drive, box, sketch or Dropbox and remember the files should be in PSD, GIF or JPEG format.#3 JustInMindPrice:Free: Free trial version is available for you to have a tour of how JustInMind works.Premium: The premium version is divided into two sections: Subscriptions & Perpetual licenses. For more information look into pricing section and give your designing experience a chance to create sparkling mockups.Prototyping for:Web and Mobile Apps (Android, Windows, Blackberry & iOS)Description:If you are searching for all-in-one prototyping tool then your search ends here. JustInMind is a perfect tool for designers allowing them to design, prototyping and collaborating.Features:JustInMind allows you to design mockups for web and mobile apps by selecting design elements from a vast UI library. Once you have finalized your layout, you can add motions, animations, and gestures from the pre-existing widget library. The widget library is customized according to the device template you pick and integrate into your design. You can even add CTRs, checkboxes, lists and parallax layouts and also there are tons of other widgets listed in the library which you include ensuring that the library you opt was the best one you can have for your design.For beginners, there are a number of video tutorial available in the shelve helping you to make your design mockups impactful and impressive at the same time.#4 BalsamiqPrice:A single user license is for $89 and multi-user license is for $178Prototyping for:Desktop & Web AppsDescription:Balsamiq is a quick wireframing tool that allows you to design your wireframes in speed and with efficiency. It’s similar like we design screens on paper (low precision). There is no need to have a good experience while using this hand-sketched tool. Simple to use and easy to understand.Features:Balsamiq offers a wide array of designing elements allowing you to make your design look stylish. It gives you an experience of using a whiteboard while sketching but on the computer. It is easy to iterate and get feedbacks helping you to enhance your designs and improve the user experience.In ClosingAbrupt ending won’t work, let’s compare the above tools and see which one wins. But, it’s you who gonna decide which tool will best fit you.P.S: Originally written by : Roma Udernani for Openxcell Technolabs Blog!
Which are the best softwares (free or cheap) to create a professional PDF filable form?
MS Word. Yes, it is the easiest and the best software to create PDF files.Just type or make whatever you want.Then click the "windows button" on top-left.Click "Save As".Choose "Save as PDF and XPS"You will be redirected to the official website of Microsoft. Download the add-on of XPS and PDF, it's just 2 mb in size. Install it.Now click again on "Save as PDF and XPS".Then choose PDF in "save as file type".And your document will be saved in PDF.Done !!
What's the best website screenshot capture free API?
ApiFlash has a free plan and is based on Chrome. As a result, rendering is near pixel perfect and will always be up to date regarding web standards.Here is how to use it in PHP (other languages perfectly work too):?php $params = http_build_query(array( "url" = "google.com", "access_key" = "YOUR_ACCESS_KEY" )), $image_data = file_get_contents("API_ENDPOINT_URL?" . $params), file_put_contents("screenshot.jpeg", $image_data), ? Disclaimer : I am the main developper of the API.
What is the best automated SEO reports tool?
I can recommend a keyword rank tracking tool which provides rank tracking reports. They can be sent on schedule or instantly, whenever you decide to. It’s called AntRanks and I’ve been using it for quite some time. The reports can be branded and sent to any email you specify, which is convenient if you need a report for your client.Plus, you can get a competitor report, domains and URLs of your top 100 compeitors for your own keywords:Video overview:All analytics can be exported anytime.
Which is the best way to pass the PMP exam? Self-learning? Any specific book or training besides the PMBook?
I cleared my PMP on 17/1/11. Scored a 'Proficient' in all but Initiation and Ethics('Moderately Proficient' in them both). Some comments about the exam and my prep: 1.) It is not as tough as people make it out to be. You either need the experience of actually managing projects or you need to thoroughly memorise the PMBOK. There is no other way out. One has to make a very cold,hard judgment as to his/her suitability to write the exam. The exam is designed to weed out service managers, operation managers etc. 2.) The Skillsoft exam is the closest there is to the real thing. It tests your thorough understanding of the PMBOK(which is about 70% of the exam). I am highly impressed with the entire PMP infrastructure(including mentoring-check it out!) at Skillsoft. Feel truly priviledged to have access to this content. 3.) Every line in the PMBOK is a potential exam question, going through the learning place course work made reading the PMBOK more bearable. Lets face it, the PMBOK is the modern day version of the Illiad 4.) Rita should be used as a reference book NOT as a text book. The PMBOK should be your bible,quaran or gita. Rita is useful in bits(project charter,critical path method,lead/lag,HR techniques/theories etc.). Be choosy about taking Rita's tests-they are nowhere like the real thing. 5.) Group study does have its benefits. We went through a program called 'PROMPT' that is run by CSC India for PMP. Going through this as a group has some amazing benefits. It fuelled the competitor in me and brought out my best. It also provided the ultra valuable exam de-briefs like these which makes one make a course correction if need be. 6.) Its a good idea to get PMI membership before writing the exam. Apart from the 100USD discount, one also gets access to some fine test prep material like the 200 question book based on PMBOK as well as an un-abridged version of PMP exam content outline. I cannot say how important it was to go through the latter. Worth its weight in gold and the 119$ for PMI membership. Plus, becoming a PMI member at the beginning brings in a new level of commitment from you. 7.) Try and time your prep to finish during the change freeze period in Dec-Jan. Nothing like 3 solid weeks to prepare for nothing but PMP. 8.) Best way to prepare for the Ethics section is to run through the PMP handbook that is open to public. I have attached the ethics bit alone. This is more than enough to score a Moderate in Ethics. This section has about 20 questions and is one of the trickiest bits in the exam but is easy once you get the hang of it. Some Thoughts on Earned Value:The PMBOK covers EVM pretty well. BUT, here are some points that you need to remember after your study. Consider them to be some extra boosters. 1.) You always 'earn what you plan' ie. EV is always equal to or lesser than PV. EV can never be greater than PV for a particular task or at the end of a project(unless the project is dis-continued). 2.) The exception to this rule is, of course, cummulative EV at a certain point in the project being greater than cummulative PV. That means the project is ahead of schedule. 3.) People always confuse EV and AC. Remember point 1 about EV. AC on the other hand can be ANYTHING. I mean it can be any amount of dollars or hours youactually spend in earning the PV. It is not restricted by PV. 4.) The formulas always begin with EV (SV=EV-PV, CV=EV-AC, SPI=EV/PV, CPI=EV/AC). There is a reason for that. PV and AC are always calculated in relation to EV, NEVER in realtion to each other. There is a reason they call it EVM. 5.) Remember what BCWP,BCWS and ACWP mean(EV,PV and AC respectively). We still get questions with those notations.  Rememeber to pray for as many EVM questions as possible. They are fun and easy
What social media tools do professionals recommend?
Here’s a list of tools I truly recommend for every social media, community, and online marketing manager:BRAND24 media monitoring and analytics application - for being always up to date with everything people saying online about the brand and products, and competitors. It gives instant access to all public mentions from all over the web, from social media to influential websites. Crucial!Google Analytics - the most important analytics tool for websites. Here you can check who, from, and how come to your website, in other words, which campaigns and sources really work for you.HEAP or HotJar - tools for website users monitoring. It allows you to check how people really use your online tool or a website, find flashpoints, and improve the workflow and the sales funnel.Google Drive & Google Docs - next tools by Google which allows you to create and cooperate smoothly. Absolutely basics for teamwork. Drive is easy to use and really helpful when it comes to sharing andSlack - for team communication. E-mail is dead (I mean, inside the company). Thanks to this communicator you can discuss fast most important things, get a call, share files, and many more.TweetDeck - if you manage a Twitter account that would be the best way to monitor your profile, comments, messages and schedule posts for publishing. Works great during events and conferences when you need to react fast, tweet, retweet, etc.Planoly - for scheduling Instagram posts, creating hashtags packs, planning descriptions, and what I like the most, for visual composing your Instagram grid.Sotrender - for analyzing your own social media accounts. In this tool you can see, measure, report and compare your effects and marketing efforts on FB, TT, IG, and YT.Canva - for creating stunning, professional graphics for social media easily. Absolute must-have.I hope it helps!Thanks for the answer request.