Can Anyone Write Here the Shia Jumma Khutba in Arabic Or Paste A?

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Can anyone write here the Shia Jumma Khutba (Friday sermon) in Arabic or paste a link to some website or book/PDF file?

Friday prayer is valid upon all Muslims immaterial of sect. Shia do not pray Tarawih as a collective jamaat during Ramadan. This is because the Tarawih prayer in jamaat was started after the Holy Prophet Muhammad s.a.w passed away by one of the other Caliphs. When Imam Ali a.s was asked to become Caliph by the people of the time, he initially refused, however he relented and said that he will become Caliph on the condition that he will rule just like the Holy Prophet Muhammad s.a.w did. So one of the things he did was actually stop Tarawih jamaat prayers. It is a misconception that fast will not get accepted without Tarawih, that is just heresay. Logically speaking reciting Quran especially during Ramadan one will definitely get a high reward, however this can be done so at any time of day during the fasting period, not reciting it you will not be punished.

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So if you are busy and can't do Tarawa you can simply pray it to get rewarded for fasts completed earlier. But it is recommended you keep Tarawa till the end of the month, and the reason behind this, is quite simply that Prophet Muhammad s.a.w made it so that the reciting of Quran gets rewarded during Ramadan if there are no doubts about it. In other words even if you have doubts about the recitation of Quran it can still be rewarded because it is not like the reciting oFAQur'an in Arabic where there is any doubt about the recitation, because every verse is in Arabic and not in Greek. In the end it is the recitation of Quran that is rewarded. Fetishism & Taxi' Al-Sidiyan: Fetishism is a type of sexual perversion on the level of extreme depravity that involves the violation of the body of a.

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