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Do you know some Mac OS app which is similar to Write On Pdf Illustrator but have project like unlimited number of PDF A4 pages to write on?

Bamboo paper, Skitch, OneNote and others... the one thing about electronic notebooks? T work great at connecting diverse sources together for archiving and organizing information. But for actual studying, as in memory retention? Testing has shown that pen (or pencil) and paper still beat them all. The act of writing on paper creates a rich multi-sensory experience, especially with the motor muscles involved. It's this that still gives the old school tech the edge. I believe it also forces the information gatherer to more actively analyse, interpret, and understand the information's meaning, relevance and connection to other pieces of information. Often, you must summarize on the fly. The 'undo' system is clunky -- either erasure or strikethrough, but even this is superior as it reveals your error history instantly. Not so easily accomplished with digital forms. Perhaps a compromise plan would be to simply scan your notes once a week into PDFs. You'd have the convenience of easy storage and retrieval, plus the visual history of the process. Surprised that nobody has mentioned SmartScribe. Though from what I've read, it's pretty limited by the proprietary structure it works in.

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In fact, you can write in any app you like. This allows you to create any app you want from your Notebook's interface. While you don't know what you have been writing in it, there's a wealth of metadata from previous applications you've written in. But it limits your abilities. The best app? If you're in your school or home office, take note of your notes and save them in the classroom or dorm. But in a professional setting where you're connected to your network, it's difficult to justify the cost. The best app would be to make your notes mobile and sync them to your computer or phone. There's a small amount of data they could extract from the phone, but to make an app of this kind, you'd need to develop some interesting features. You could take advantage of the Notebook's internal storage. To keep.