How Do I Write a Vba Code for Word Docoument Convert into PDF?

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How do I write a VBA code for word docoument convert into PDF docoument?

You can use the following code to save the word document as PDF ActiveDocument.ExportAsFixedFormat OutputFileName.="\.PDF", ExportFormat.=wdExportFormatPDF Happy Coding!

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Write on PDF: All You Need to Know

DOCX ", FileAccess, 1) End If Set the document as an ActiveX control Set document = Application. ExeType & “\Docile\” & Path & “x1.docx” Open it as an ActiveX control Set doc = Docebo. Open(Application. ActiveXObject(Opened)) Call Document. Save() End Sub. You can also use the Gentile method to find the path to an active document. The default format is DOCX (the document's “ActiveX Object”) as shown in the following code example. Code: Dim doc As New ActiveXObject('Docile') doc. Open() Call Document. Save() doc. Close() Call document. GetFile(Opened) End Sub. You can also run the Gentile command directly to retrieve the document (that is, the path and the document itself) Code: Call document. GetFile(Opened) End Sub. You can also use the Document. Save method to save the active document as PDF, which is a standard Word format document. To keep your code simple, the Waveform is changed to DOCX. Code: Change to DOCX format.