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I have a 50-page e-book in PDF, EPUB format. Is there any free platform for me to self-publish? Please write a platform that only accepts Visa debit cards. Can I sell?

If you want to make a living selling books, you’re in the wrong profession. Become a Doctor, Lawyer, Psychologist, Minister, Politician or Banker if you want to make money. The only way you can make money writing (and even this is iffy) is if you find the GENRE that works (Mystery, Romance, Zombies, Fantasy, LGBT, Motivational, or Ethnic-oriented), put out a lot of books and develop a following. I’ve talked with woman who claim to make between $35,000 and $75,000 a year writing romance and erotica. I’ve talked with a black minister who has a following and a church and he writes about the black experience and he claims to make $50,000+ with his writing. Andy Weir was a computer geek with thousands and thousands and thousands of followers and t bought his self-published book, The Martian, off Amazon by the thousands and that got him noticed by movie studios and publishers. E.L. James was a fan fiction writer and she had a following for years. She was writing some Twilight fan fiction and turned one of her ideas into an original book “Fifty Shades of Grey” which is not considered literary classic, but it was the FIRST MODERN book about S&M and it captured the minds of middle aged women. It spawned two sequels and three movies. It make E.L. James millions. These are a few examples out of 3 million books and authors self-published each year that make between NOTHING and $10 a year. I see posts at writer’s groups and here at Quora saying. I Put a book out at Amazon and not one copy sold, why? There is no answer. The cover was not attractive. The blurb was not exciting. The Genre had no big following. It was priced too high. It came out at the wrong time. It’s NEVER because it’s a bad book, because you can only read about 10 pages and most people don’t. T read the blurb, look at the cover and then decide to try it if it’s in a genre t read (mystery, horror, science fiction, Lesbian, etc.). To become a BAD BOOK, it has to sell to a few people who then give it 1 star reviews and tell you the author is illiterate, the story is trite. BUT THAT MEANS you sold at least 1 book!

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Most readers have no idea what the genre Is or what the book even is. For a genre to catch on, that genre needs to be different enough and have enough following to sell the number of copies as many have tried and failed. It has to be unique or some people will buy the book and then write reviews, and when something gets the 2-stars mark in every bookstore across the country, people get excited about that book, but they get overwhelmed when they have to read through hundreds of books that don’t sell. So what should a new author do to make money? Write more. Write EVERYTHING. You need to write to make money, you do not need to write anything. There are lots of self-published fantasy books on Amazon. You can read as many of these as you want and have a very good time. But it is.

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