What Are the Best Books to Read for Self And Career Improvement?

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What are the best books to read for self and career improvement?

Alright….. I have to tell you my story.. I was in situation like depression.. I had no idea that what to do and what not, but one day i was reading an article about self improvemen,and self help book, there was an article that if you want change in your life then you have to change your mindset because with your old mindset you can not do anything new in your life.. Then suddenly i asked my self that should i try these things to change my mindset because i have read that mindset is everything once you decide that you have to do something then you can do it… since then i started readings books the very first i had read was””The power of your subconscious mind… And after that i was keep reading books.. after read 5 books I realise that there was no change in my life.. So why i am reading self help books.. you know what happened.. i stop reading books… After some time i was going to my college then suddenly i saw a guy who was purchasing a book which is about self improvement ..i asked that guy that bro tell me why are you purchasing this books these books are useless because I have read 5 books about self improvement but i am not seeing Any change in my life..then he asked me bro tell me any one line of those 5 books then i tell him that i have read somewhere that if you want to do something then you have to change your mindset but i am trying my best to change my mindset but i am failed… then he asked me tell me what is your mindset ..then i tell him that i want to become a writer and many times i change my mindset about become I writer but i am not seeing any results then he asked me how many pages you daily write… then i was like oops i have not write any thing.. Then he tell me this is your problem you just want to read bokks and become a writer.. but you don't want to apply those books's line… So my bro if you are going to read any self improvement books then firstly prepare your mind for apply those words.. if you just keep reading and don't apply them in your life,your works,then t all are useless.. I got lot of benefits since i started readings books. My vocabulary has improved and my reading habits, my writing skills has improved… i am not complete yet but i am keep writing .. This my first answer on Quora.. Sorry for my English i don't know how to write here.. But i have to work on this… Keep smiling and keep reading .)!!!

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