What Are The Top 10 Tips To Prepare For Bank Po Exams?

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What are the top 10 tips to prepare for Bank PO exams?

Well nowdays the competition has reached upto sky level in ibps examinations… One cannot simply crack the examination just by spending minute fractions of his daily life for studies… Every year vacancies are getting diminshed terribly… But at the same time number of applications are increasing like hell… So just before jumping into the well of competitive xam make sure u will never get frustrated even after repeated failures. Everyone has to find their own way just to achieve the detination but there is no harm if u can copy others way and it helps u to achieve the goal… Therefore i can just give u a brief overview about the same… Dont roam inside any book staff at the initial stage itself in the searching of gigantic books of competitive examinations. Join some of the reputed institutions near your home which can provide best in class service to the students. Make sure it is not so away from your home otherwise u will end up your whole energy in travelling only. Point out some brilliant brains there and make good conpany with them. If u succeeded to be a good frnd of theirs then half of ur task is complete. Subscribe english news paper , i suggest “The Hindu” becoz this is the only paper ibps completely depending upon. I have seen so many times hindu news papers paragraphs are simply cut and pasted in ibps examinations for error correction questions (english section) . Dont rely on any of the local newspaper becoz t are more interested in highlighting the divorce case of hrithik and suzaine… . Keep a dairy with you in which u have to note down all the inportant news coming in hindu newspaper. Especially obituaries, memorendom of understandings btw countries, special days , sports news. Make sure u have covered all the important points of newspapers and pen it down in your dairy. If u make it habit everyday then i can guarantee u that before examinations u dont have to buy any current affairs books for refernce. Spend minimum 1.5 hours daily for reading newspapers and mark all the variety words . Atlast find the meaning of all the words from oxford dictionary (kindly dont use mobile dictionary) and write it down in a notebook. Minimum 15 words per day. If u learn 15 words per day then by next day u may remember atleast 3 words , that is more than enough for us to survive in ibps. After daily class spend some time in libraries becoz even if we are not in the mood of studying seeing others motivates us. Subscribe online mock tests which are actually available online for very cheap rates. Daily u have to practice one set , dont get upset by your initial low marks , u may fall several times but one time u will definitely realises your weak areas where u have to concentrate. Try to find out more and more shortcuts in mathematics. Even i can help u for some meaningful shortcuts in maths. Atlast i would say never give up in bank exams becoz xams are not dat tough comoetition is giving real tackles… I am even sure that if u get unlimited time then u can easily solve all the questions of maths and reasoning as questions are so easy.. but time management matters, u have to barely spend .43 seconds for each question which would only possible after repeated online mock exams practice… Finally.. sayyonara.. All the best aspirants…..

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