What Do You Think of Chris Wallaces Handling of Stephen Miller On?

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What do you think of Chris Wallace's handling of Stephen Miller on his show today?

It was…interesting in a repulsive kinda way. Especially the part where self-righteous Crackpot and white nationalist Slender Man, Lou Dobbs, refers to himself and Evil Wolverine with floating elf ears, Stephen Miller as “relatively smart and decent.” Just listen, watch and weep. Dobbs. Answer me! Why isn’t the White House taking Ted Cruz up on his offer to take this to SCOTUS? Put him on the team! Miller. (My god, Dobbs thinks this is all real.) Ok, a lot of lies here. First of all, none of what Presidential Advisor/Aggressively-Expanding Bald Spot Miller says is true. People need to prove citizenship before registering. Only registered voters can cast ballots. Only registered voters can get their ballots counted. Those voters are checked by GOP and Dem poll watchers, as are the mail in/absentee ballots. And why don’t you want Ted Cruz to support you, Tarpit-Souled RageShrew Stephen??!? Well the guy doesn’t support his wife at all so why should t put faith in him to support anything, amirite? I’m no rhetorician, but their message is not a stellar reflection of unbiased “journalism”. I’m also not a lawyer, however, I find unfounded claims with no evidentiary support unpersuasive. But, t claim to be “intelligent” so I’m clearly out of my league... The thing is, Miller is upset because he doesn't get 4 more years to torture immigrants. So start loading your luggage into one of the last remaining lifeboats aboard the Shartanic, boys! And after Stephen Miller went through all that trouble getting his measurements just right for those Klan robes during Secret Santa. On the bright side, he’ll always have Lou to banter over the finer points of Mein Kampf while t go through the dryer at the laundromat. Oh well, he can always go back to his roots. Trapping rodents and indulging in his favorite hobby, vivisection. Speaking of rodents… The rats start eating each other. You hate to see it. In case you were wondering, there is no such thing as the Republican Party anymore. It’s trumpism. The repubs have lost their way, and t have no core beliefs or goals except “owning the libs”. The GOP exists in name only; it is a hollow shell of the party it used to be.

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You may ask, “How can anyone’vote“for’Donald’trump‬.” Well Donald Trump is not the GOP’nominee. Ted Cruz is. And we just found out that if the GOP nominates Cruz, t will lose.

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