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Hello and welcome to another yellow case tutorial this is Matias and I'm going to show you how to sign a PDF at least one way to sign a PDF now for those of you who have ever had to sign a document and then send it back let's say to your insurance company or something like that you know how much of a pain it is to receive the PDF print it out sign it scan it back in or fax it back to the company and this is going to be a very quick way of doing that and it's actually pretty fun what I have in my hands which you can't see is a sheet of white paper that I've folded over four times in order to make it a little bit more dense a little bit less translucent and what I did is I signed it with a marker and it was kind of a medium sized marker nothing terribly thick but I do like to use something that's not as thin as a regular pen you don't have to worry what color it is in fact in my case I used a red marker now on my desktop I have a PDF that if I double click on it it will open my default PDF viewer in this case preview which is what we want now if in your case that didn't happen make sure that when you select the PDF right click on it and select open with from the drop-down menu and then preview from the list now preview might not show up at the top of your list because if you have a different default PDF viewer such as Adobe Acrobat that one would show up on the top so I'll just select preview from the list wherever it's at so this is a contract that we here at yellow case use for corporate clients for consulting agreements and at the very end of it there's an area for signatures now this would be a good way for yellow case client they've sent this contract to sign it and send it back at the top of the toolbar or at the top of this software there's a tool bar and one of the buttons here says show the annotations tool or if I click on that it'll reveal this area with a bunch of new options including the signature option now if you don't see this button in order to reveal that make sure you go to view customize toolbar and add that annotate button by clicking and holding and dragging it to the area where you want it while you're at it you might want to add a few other ones like the print button or the zoom buttons anyways when you're done click on done now all you need to do at this point is if you have your signature ready and I do is click on this button

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How do I find a highlighted text in an Adobe Reader or PDF file?
On PC, open a PDF file in Adobe Reader XI, click ViewCommentAnnotations and comment panel will open on the right of the screen.In Mac,  a program called preview provides annotation.In mobile,open a PDF file in Adobe Reader App.Tap on the top to access toolbar and tap annotation icon. Choose the tool with which you want annotation done. By drawing on the document create annotation and click save.
How can I draw on a PDF file?
Unlike editing text or images within a PDF, drawing on a PDF is a relatively simple task.  Desktop PDF ReadersI would recommend using Adobe Reader (available on both PC and Mac). You can download Reader for free here: Adobe Acrobat Reader DC After opening Reader, click the "Comment" tab in the navigation bar, and then "Drawing Markups". You should be able to cover it with shapes including a rectangle or circle. There is also an eraser tool that may be useful for what you are trying to accomplish. Online PDF editorsPersonally, I'm a fan of using online PDF tools given that they are also free and have many features allowing you to perform a broader range of tasks. They are particularly useful if you need to regularly merge, split, sign and rotate PDF files. For online PDF services, I would check out PDF Pro (full disclosure - I founded PDF Pro). After uploading a PDF file to the online PDF editor, you can draw a range of shapes or use the eraser to modify the contents of your exam. Good luck!
How do I write on a PDF document?
For your question, I think you need a PDF editing program, that will help you "write" on a PDF document. PDF Editor consist of the program for editing pdf files as the same as editing other types of doc files. This type of software generally can help you1. create pdf files from text/pages/images2. edit pdf contents3. merge/crop/split PDF pages4. annotate pdf documents5. convert pdf to other documents like MS word, Excel, PPT, Text, EPUB, HTML etcMore helpful Info about PDF Editor, I think this user guide will be helpful: 20 Best Free and Paid PDF Editor Apps
How do I add text to images with a simple program for mac (photoshop alternative)?
If you just need to add text to images with an easy to use tool. You can use Pixelixe Studio directly from your browser. No account required and the tool is free.You just have to click on “background” and then “upload” to drag and drop your image :Then, to click on the “Texts” tab and click “Add Text”. Then “Download” That’s it. :)
How do you write on a PDF without Adobe?
There are many Adobe alternatives for editing and annotating PDFs. For example, PDF Expert is a great choice on Mac. You can select the ‘Pen’ tool to draw or write on a document.You can also type your comments on the margins with the ‘Text’ tool.There are more annotation tools: you can highlight or underline text, and sticky notes.Cheers!
Can you write over a PDF file?
Yes, you can write or draw over a PDF file.For example, here’s how to do it PDF Expert for Mac.Open your file.Click ‘Annotate’ on the top barSelect the ‘Pen’ tool. It allows you to draw on a PDF file. You can change pen’s color, line width and opacity on the right sidebar.If you use iPad, you can also write on PDFs using the Apple Pencil in PDF Expert.Cheers!
How can I convert a PDF to Word on Mac?
Well, there are ways to convert a PDF to Word document on Mac. But before you starting, be ware that your PDF file is native or scanned, that is if your PDF file are native PDF file, it’s easy to convert to editable Word document, but if it’s a scanned PDF file, if you just use a usual PDF tool that didn’t support OCR Technology, then you will only get a word document that only images, which can’t be edit.So, to convert a PDF to Word on Mac, I would suggest you using a OCR technology built-in software, which can help you convert all kinds of PDF file into editable Word document on Mac, help you do the jobs in mins.And to Convert PDF to Word on Mac, this ultimate guide in link includes many occasions that you may have, turn to and read on to get the one meet your needs.
How can I make beautiful figures in my research paper?
What kind of figures exactly?For plotted graphs - I use MATLAB, Excel or Origin. There are very few things that Excel cannot do for which you can use the other two. If you do use Excel make sure to choose primary colors, Times/Arial fonts, smaller markers and thinner lines to make them appear more 'standard'.For drawings/diagrams/sketches - I use Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Flash. Flash drawing is easier, though not as powerful as Illustrator's. You can use Inkscape as the free alternative. Or Sketch on a Mac. You can also use Microsoft Powerpoint (although I hate to draw in Powerpoint, some of my colleagues do a very good job with it) or Microsoft Word to draw simple figures, smart art etc. Just make sure to change thick outlines to thin ones, use colors such that they look great in grayscale too and use more standard fonts if you use Microsoft Office's products.Another great tool I recently discovered is Google Drive's Drawing document. It has basic but nice vector drawing capabilitites. Easy and quick.Post processing -After creating your drawing, you will need to produce a 1200dpi or so .jpeg file for your figure. For drawings created in MS Office, proceed by first creating a pdf document. Then you will need to convert the pdf into a 1200 dpi image (jpeg) using something like Adobe Photoshop or Gimp (free). Figures created in Flash/Illustrator/Inkscape/Matlab etc. can be directly exported to high resolution jpeg images. Google about these conversions if it is all new to you. Or ask in comment.Appearance - Font - Use the journal's standard fonts. Arial (sans-serif) is usually recommended.Font size - Should be specified in the journal's instructions. But a 8-12 point Arial font is usually the norm. Be careful with keeping the sizes consistent. When converting from pdf (vector) to jpeg (raster), maintaining font sizes is a relatively tough task that will need some understanding of the file formats.Colors - Journals usually stick to primary colors in their plots. I don't know why. But whatever you use, be consistent and most importantly use colors and symbols that also make sense if the figure is converted into a grayscale image. Also note that a CMYK pallette is used for printing purposes.Figure size - White spaces should be minimized. Choose between half column or full column figures. Journal figures are tinier than what we are used to in presentations or books. Think about combining multiple plots into one plot or putting multiple plots (say four) in a 2x2 matrix layout.Hope this helps!